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    Board Assembly    X870           
Push a M/F spacer (M2.5*12mm) up through the mounting hole on the topside of the X870 and screw down with a F/F spacer  (M2.5*8mm)
a) Insert your M.2 NVME SSD into the M.2 socket.
b) Align the notches on the SSD with the notches in the M.2
     socket, then insert as shown.
c) Screw (M2*4mm)  the SSD into place.
Place your Raspberry Pi on top of X870 and screw down (M2.5*6mm screws).
Connect the USB data cable from Raspberry Pi to X870
Optional -To use with X730 / X735 /X700 /720 power
management board,
a) Unscrew 4 screws on the topside of Raspberry pi
b) Screw the spacer (M2.5*12mm / M2.5*20mm) down until it
    is hand tight
  Plugs the power management board straight into your     Raspberry Pi's GPIO header and screw down (M2.5*6mm)
Connect the 2-pin power connection wire from the 5V connector on Power management board to X870

Power adapter must be connected to power management     board only , not X870 and Raspberry Pi