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    Software Configuration X4000         
    Moode Audio Player (Version 3.1)
  Audio Output over HDMI port
Disconnect power supply before operation, Jumper links inserted to select HDMI audio output. 

No setting required if not playing DSD music.


To play DSD music directly - Simply select the“Configure”menu, select " MPD Configuration", then select "No" under“DSD over PCM (DoP)", Finally click “APPLY”and reboot.

 Audio Output Over Raspberry Pi i2s
Disconnect power supply before operation,
Remove 3 jumper links for HDMI audio and insert 3 jumper links for 3 positions as below arrow pointed. 

Simply select the“Configure”menu, select "Audio" under "configuration settings",, then select "RPi-DAC" under“I2S audio device", Finally click “SET”and reboot.
      Rune Audio (Version 0.4)  
   Supports HDMI audio.

 Select "MPD" and choose your "RaspberryPi HDMI out" in the Audio output. Then restart your Raspberry Pi.

       Openelec / OSMC  

 Supports HDMI audio.
 No setting required. The audio output device should be HDMI in the system setting.