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    Function Description    X450          
Power Switch Connector
Function Header
Pin No. Pin Description
1  Power on/off control connecting to switch
2  Power on/off control connecting to switch
3  GND connecting to LED -
4  5Vdc connecting to LED + 

 1. Latching power switch should be used.
 2. Jumper for "PWR" should be removed if using external switch.
 3. Connector - Pitch 2.0mm 4pos
Jumper Name Usage
Mute  Short - Speaker mute disabled
 Open - Speaker mute controlled by GPIO22
              GPIO22 high - Mute disabled
              GPIO22 low  - Mute enabled (no sound)
AMP  Short - 60W amplifier in shutdown mode
 Open -  60W amplifier in working mode
PWR  Short - Power on when power applied
  Open - Using an external power switch to
               control power on /off
26-Pin GPIO Pinout
    Board Assembly
Required tool - Pozidriv Screwdriver
Required Accessories

Push a screws (M2.5*6mm) up through the mounting hole on the underside of the Raspberry Pi.
  Screw the spacer (M2.5*20mm) down until it is hand tight
  Plugs the X450 board straight into your Raspberry Pi B+'s GPIO header and screw down (M2.5*6mm)